Steampunk Puppeteer

Escape from the evil puppeteer

A parallel universe pulls you into another time, a time when a puppeteer had a big dream. Day and night he worked on the perfect idea to make his puppet theater more successful and to earn his daily bread with it. For a long time luck was not on his side until one day he found a doll that was able to speak. They got along wonderfully and together they conquered the world with their increasingly famous shows. The puppeteer was happier than he'd ever hoped. 

But one morning this doll had disappeared without a trace, and with it all of the puppeteer's belongings. 

After pitiful attempts to recreate such a doll, he finally got so angry that he made a terrible decision. In the future only humans should bring his theater to life. 

The first big performance is supposed to start in an hour and the people are already occupying the many seats in large numbers. However, the first group to enter the theater has not been seen since arriving.

Bei Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren, muss mindestens eine erwachsene Begleitperson mit ihm Spiel sein. Bei Jugendlichen unter 14 Jahren, mindestens genau so viele Erwachsenen wie Kinder!

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