Sherlock Holmes

Welcome to dark 20th century London

One of the most notorious detectives of the time was probably the famous Sherlock Holmes with his loyal assistant Dr. Watson. Arthur Conan Doyle published a total of 58 crime stories, which made the criminalistic art and the extraordinary ability of the fictional private detective Sherlock Holmes famous. With their unique ideas, Holmes and Watson solved even the most complicated cases, sometimes putting Scotland Yard in the shade. Almost unsolvable crimes were solved and those responsible were brought down. Also famous - and the starting point for many a brilliant idea for solving a tricky case - is Sherlock Holmes' apartment at 221b Baker Street in London. Here the detective plays the violin in his free time or while thinking productively and discusses the most complicated problems with his partner Dr. Watson. Anyone who has always wanted to hike in the footsteps of the two sniffers has made exactly the right decision by choosing this Live Escape Game.

However, this time the hunter becomes the hunted! Sherlock Holmes is suspected of murdering one of his previous clients ...
Mr. Riley Thurgood more than once publicly revealed his dislike of him after a dispute with the private investigator. The differences between the two former business partners have filled the pages of the gossip press in the last few weeks and months and people are eagerly awaiting the next headlines. But it doesn't get that far! In a seemingly inexplicable and mysterious way, Mr. Thurgood is suddenly found dead in Holmes ‘house at 221b Baker Street! Good food for the press and on top of that everything to the delight of the chief inspector of Scotland Yard, who now does not let a second pass to take Holmes into custody. After all, he had to watch often enough as his cases were solved by the brilliant private investigator and his laurels were denied. This time it's his chance! The chief inspector has pulled out all the stops and is sending his best accuser and a greasy judge into the field against Holmes, who intend - in the truest sense of the word - to “make a short trial” of him. To make matters worse, Dr. Watson and Holmes ‘housekeeper Mrs. Hudson as if swallowed by the earth. In all likelihood, they are the only witnesses who could exonerate him.

For Sherlock Holmes there is only one last glimmer of hope: A group of friends, aspiring private detectives will try to free the suspect at all costs and solve the mysterious crime. But the team only has an hour left before the trial of Sherlock Holmes. You were able to secretly gain entry to the crime scene, but can you also manage to expose the murderer before the trial?

Bei Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren, muss mindestens eine erwachsene Begleitperson mit ihm Spiel sein. Bei Jugendlichen unter 14 Jahren, mindestens genau so viele Erwachsenen wie Kinder!

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