The Legends of the Magic Academy Part 2 - The return of the Dark Lord

Escape the Dark Lord

The Dark Lord has occupied the magic academy with his followers and is on the search for the 3 most powerful relics to usurp world domination. Your job is to sneak into the school and find the relics before the lord can get hold of them. But be quiet and careful ... you are not alone in the academy!

This game is a sequel to: Legends of the Magic Academy. We therefore recommend that you have already played the first part before you embark on this adventure.

Dieses Spiel ist nicht barrierefrei! Stroboskopeffekte vorhanden!


Bei Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren, muss mindestens eine erwachsene Begleitperson mit ihm Spiel sein. Bei Jugendlichen unter 14 Jahren, mindestens genau so viele Erwachsenen wie Kinder!

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