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Our Escape Rooms in Nuremberg


Live Escape Games

2 Personen 99 €
3 Personen 99 €
4 Personen 124 €
5 Personen 149 €
6 Personen 174 €

Magic Academy

4 Personen 170 €
5 Personen 205 €
6 Personen 240 €
7 Personen 275 €
8 Personen 310 €

Kurzfristige Buchungen und Altersbeschränkung:

Für kurzfristige Buchungen, also unter 2 Stunden vor dem Wunschtermin, ruft uns bitte direkt an, wir werden alles versuchen eurem spontanen Wunsch zu entsprechen.

Please note: Every short-term booking is binding and can no longer be canceled.


Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren, dürfen ohne Begleitung einer erwachsenen Person spielen, ansonsten muss immer mindestens eine erwachsene Aufsichtsperson mit in das Spiel.

Großgruppenveranstaltungen außerhalb unserer regulären Öffnungszeiten:

Whether a team event or a birthday party, we are happy to organize any event.
Larger groups can either play our Escape Games in parallel or in several slots in a row.


Außerhalb unserer Öffnungszeiten öffnen wir für euch ab 2 gebuchten 60 Minuten-Spielen, oder ab einem gebuchten 90 Minuten-Spiel, zu Pauschalpreisen.


Preise für maximal 6 Personen beträgt 199€, für folgende Spiele:

The Executioner

Der Steampunk Puppenspieler

Sherlock Holmes

The Secret of the dead Monks

The Adventures of the Halfling


Preis für maximal 8 Personen beträgt 360€ für folgende Spiele :

The Legends of the Magic Academy Part 1

The Legends of the Magic Academy Part 2


In jedem Fall würden wir Dich bitten uns zu kontaktieren, um die Details zu besprechen. Bitte schreibt uns nur, wenn euer Wunschtermin außerhalb unserer regulären Öffnungszeiten liegt. Ansonsten müsstet ihr euch selber bei uns, im Onlinekalender, eure Termine buchen.

Just write us about this an E-Mail or call us: 0911 25375469.

After booking online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't get it, please check the spam folder. If there is nothing to be found there, please give us a call, so that we can make sure that your booking is complete.

Escape Rooms 2.0

Why should you play escape rooms
at our place?

A live escape game is like a puzzle game at a high level. Our aim is to offer the best Adventure Room in Nuremberg!

Fancy worlds

Decorators and film set designers build our live escape games with great attention to detail. So you dive deep into the realistic scenarios.

State-of-the-art technology

As if by magic, a secret passage opens or a message appears: All of our Escape Rooms are fully automated.

Innovative puzzles

No searching for keys or boring combination locks. We have challenging puzzles that are second to none.

For beginners & professionals

For beginners as well as experienced escape game professionals: Everyone has fun with us, because we have difficult and easier escape rooms.

Certified safety

Our games are checked and maintained at regular intervals. Therefore, all applications work smoothly.

Attention to detail

Your adventure already begins in our impressive entrance and lounge area, which puts you in the perfect mood for the Live Escape Games!

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Finest Escape

Frequently asked questions about escape rooms

In the end, only those who work well together will discover the solution to escape from our rooms. No specialist knowledge is required to master our escape game. Attention, the logical combination of details and perseverance help achieve success. And if you don't know what to do next, the game master will help you with a hint. 

No. Our tasks are specially planned so that different skills have to be used. The easiest way to find out is, when as many different people as possible are working together. Beginners should book the medium-difficulty rooms first. If in doubt, the game master will help with little tips.

You can cancel your booked appointment by phone or email up to 48 hours before the start of the game; there is a seven-day cancellation period for team events. After that we have to charge cancellation fees - after all, we keep the appointment free for your team. You can increase the number of people up to the last moment within the capacity limits of the respective game. We will then calculate the additional costs in our location.

Unfortunately not. There are always smaller stairs in our rooms.

When booking, you usually pay by direct transfer, Giropay, credit card or PayPal. For short-term bookings, you can settle your bill in Nuremberg in cash or with an EC card, or Credit Card (except AMEX).

You will find free parking spaces directly in our backyard.

Welcome to Finest Escape Nuremberg, the universe for live escape games.
You will find the first 2.0 Escape Rooms in Nuremberg near the castle, directly on the main access road to the city center.

Exciting and completely redesigned Live Escape Games await you here. Our lavishly designed rooms take you for 60 minutes into a completely different world, in which there is no sense of time, and let you forget everyday life. The simple "living room atmosphere" and the banal search for keys and locks are a thing of the past. Experience authentic scenarios down to the last detail in our 2.0 Live Escape Games created by film experts and set builders. We have thus tailored the various puzzles and tasks exactly to the respective topic. Beginners and professionals alike get their money's worth in our Escape Rooms!

The adventure begins!

The door slams shut - now you're alone - just on your own ...

As soon as you and your team are voluntarily locked in a mysterious room, you only have one clear goal in mind: the escape within 60 - 90 minutes. Since almost everything in this Escape Room could help you to escape, stay vigilant and watch out for hidden clues, acoustic signals, codes or strange signs on the wall ... Work as a team and experience a fascinating and breathtaking adventure - because you alone determine the exit history. Of course, newcomers to our Live Escape Games are also very welcome!
Get to know this innovative, challenging and absolutely incomparable leisure activity with us.

All Live Escape Games can also be played in German or English (with the exception of "The Legends of the Magic Academy"!!!). In addition, no special requirements are required for our Escape Rooms! All you need is a sharp mind and fun with puzzles, riddles, tinkering and trying things out.

The game is played in teams of 2 - 8 people. After your personal game master has introduced you to the game, the game starts: 60 - 90 minutes full of searching, finding, trying, discarding, combining, assembling, interacting and therefore a lot of adrenaline await you!

But your adventure doesn't just begin in the Escape Room, but in our impressive entrance and lounge area, which puts you in the perfect mood for the Live Escape Games! Here you can enjoy a cold or hot drink before or after your experience, as well as review your mission with your Game Master and then plan your next adventure.


Just write us

Do you have a question or just want to chat with us? Then write us an email or give us a call! 

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