Prison Break

Escape Mexico's most feared prison

Actually, the plan was to see Mexico City and to end the last days of your USA vacation in peace before going back home. But unfortunately it turns out differently. On your last evening, when you were celebrating your farewell exuberantly in an apartment belonging to a young Mexican, you suddenly heard loud commotion in the stairwell and shortly afterwards the door broke its hinges with a loud crash and several officers from the Guardia Nacional stormed the apartment and took the guests as well as you in custody, and begin to turn the apartment upside down.

The officers do not care about your statements and do not answer any of your questions. You will be taken away with the other guests and brought in a van a little outside of town. You read “Topo Chico” above the entrance of the large gate that you pass, and panic overcomes you. The toughest prison in Mexico. This is where the most dangerous criminals, cartel members and similar heavy-calibers sit, but not you! It doesn't seem like anyone is ready to listen to you, and you don't like the looks of the other prisoners. It almost looks like you have to get yourself out of this mess….

Attention: Bei diesem Spiel muss geklettert und gekrabbelt werden. Alte Kleidung empfehlenswert! Nicht barrierefrei! Nichts für schwache Nerven! Flackerlichter im Spiel vorhanden!


Bei Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren, muss mindestens eine erwachsene Begleitperson mit ihm Spiel sein. Bei Jugendlichen unter 14 Jahren, mindestens genau so viele Erwachsenen wie Kinder!

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