Tomb Hunter

The Serpent Temple and the Mystery of Eternal Life

Lara's father went missing on his last expedition. Unfortunately, he never tells others where he is heading. The only information you have is that he was investigating the well-known Legend of eternal life. Lara is currently following clues somewhere in Europe as someone breaks into their old estate. The only things that were stolen are some journal entries about an ancient snake god that is worshiped somewhere in the deep, unexplored jungle of South America. Lara bids you to head there and investigate. A former colleague will meet you at the airport and assists you with your expedition. Are you ready to experience an unforgettable adventure?

In this game you have to climb (similar to the jungle gym on a playground), there are smoke machines and there are stroboscopic effects, so unsuitable for epileptics. May not be suitable for people who are afraid of heights! Older clothing is recommended! More than 6 people are not allowed! Not recommended for escape beginners!!!
Für Fluchtanfänger nicht zu empfehlen!!!

Personen unter 16 Jahren werden ausnahmslos vom Spiel ausgeschlossen!


Terpeca Top Room 2023, Top 50 in der Welt, Top 5 in Deutschland

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