The Magic Lamp

The Orient is waiting for you

So far you have only heard of the wealthy Sultan Harun-Ar-Rashid, but now you want to convince yourself of the wealth of the city. But you, a gang of thieves and crooks, don't just want to look. With so much wealth and ostentation, one or two missing gold bars or diamonds are hardly noticeable. Past fallow fields and dry steppes you make your way towards the city center. Even from a distance you can see the splendid palace of the Sultan, whose gleaming walls in the glow of the rising sun look as if forged from gold. Once in the city, however, not much can be seen of the alleged wealth of Agrabah. Beggars on the street, sick-looking children romp around in a lonely playground and the cracked mud huts of the citizens do not exactly invite you to linger. You speak to the residents, but no one can explain the sultan's fabulous wealth. Your curiosity is aroused, so you get an audience with the Sultan on the pretext of wanting to tailor him magnificent clothes with the best fabrics of the Orient. While the Sultan is enjoying his meal, you will be escorted to his rooms and asked to wait for him there. There is not much time left to search his belongings and uncover the secret of the wealth of Harun-ar-Rashid.


Bei Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren, muss mindestens eine erwachsene Begleitperson mit ihm Spiel sein. Bei Jugendlichen unter 14 Jahren, mindestens genau so viele Erwachsenen wie Kinder!

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